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FAQ Page2017-05-12T13:25:51-07:00
What is Concierge Medicine?2017-05-12T13:25:52-07:00

Concierge Medicine is a rapidly growing model for providing healthcare. Patients pay a yearly membership fee to be part of a small practice. The membership fee covers services not otherwise covered by regular insurance. For example, advanced healthcare screening and wellness coaching. The small practice size assures easy access and personalized care. Patients also have direct after hours communication with the physician by cell phone, email, text message, and video conferencing.

Do I still need to have regular insurance?2016-09-19T13:37:39-07:00

Yes.  Concierge fees cover services that are not covered by regular insurance.  Regular/standard medical care and services are still billed to insurance.  Any copayments that are required by the insurance providers must still be collected.


Who does the Concierge Model work best for?2016-09-19T13:37:46-07:00

The model works well for many different types of patients:

  • patients with complex/serious medical problems who frequently need immediate and prolonged visits.
  • professionals or anyone with a busy schedule. Many health issues may be able to be dealt with without the need for an office visit.  When office visits are required, waiting times are minimal.  As well, since visits are longer, more issues can be dealt with at one time.
  • families with children. Children’s illnesses often come on quickly and same day availability limits the need to go to an urgent care clinic.  This allows for care by a physician that knows the child and their medical history, not a stranger.  Schools are now often requiring a physician’s note to allow children back to school after even routine viral illnesses. These can often be provided via telemedicine rather than a traditional office visit.
  • patients with high deductible insurance plans. Concierge Medicine has been shown to reduce the need for hospitalization, the most costly healthcare there is.
  • patients who would like additional focus on lifestyle and wellness which are areas not covered by traditional medical plans.


What if I need care outside of office hours?2016-09-19T13:37:56-07:00

You will have my cell phone and email address. You can contact me directly and we will review the problem and determine how to proceed.

What if Dr Chapeskie is on vacation?2016-09-19T13:38:05-07:00

There will always be a physician available.  In most cases you will still be able to reach me by cell phone and email.  If I am not available, I will have another physician available.  You will be notified by email prior to any vacations.


What if I need urgent care?2016-09-19T13:38:13-07:00

For all true medical emergencies such as heart attacks, strokes and severe injuries, CALL 911 and get immediate care.  For non-life threatening issues, you can contact me by cell phone 24/7 and we can decide how to deal with the problem.


Do you make housecalls?2016-08-29T04:55:14-07:00

Housecalls will be provided in medically appropriate situations.  The decision will be made on a case -by- case basis.


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