What Makes Us Different?

I wanted to create a practice that truly puts the patient first. One that focuses on the needs of the patient, not those of the insurance companies.  Patients need easier and faster access to care. Patients need more of my time.   They need more time for management of their medical problems and more time to focus on prevention and lifestyle guidance.

In order to accomplish this, I have structured Unison Family Medicine as a concierge/membership practice.  Concierge Medicine is a growing trend which began in the 1990’s.  It allows for more personalized healthcare and more focus on wellness by limiting practice size to several hundred patients.

I chose the name Unison because it describes how I envision my doctor-patient relationships.  I feel  that in order to achieve optimal overall health outcomes, the patient and I need to truly work together as a team.  In Unison.

Dr. Alan Chapeskie, MD